19 May 2011

update of sorts

  • bridgestone xo2 : riser bars, no more road levers and mustache bars, geared, need some new tires ,think i found a pair 1.75 with some tread
  • meister: 42 x17 ss now that the bridgestone is up i can pull the cx tires, and ride fast
  • schwinn le tour: as close as it's ever been, crank and shifters close
been riding a whole lot more since the van bit the dust 3 weeks ago. $1500 in repairs on a 15 year old van means it's time to donate that money pit. so the wife and i are car free. april was cold may was a little bit too, riding is great and i'm doing it as often as i can. Not thinking about racin' until fall. i'd rather ride than blog about it