27 January 2010

this summer....

gravel road racing
dirty benjamin

mountain bike racing

20 January 2010

ice and snow

rode to and from the 46th street station and took a bus to/from rosedale. where is the angry catfish and why ain't they open at 9:30 pm? had to stop by a liquor store in nokomis cause i couldn't get a decent cup of coffee. Oh yea, i missed the bash at CRC and i could have had both i guess. but 34th ave is not 34th str. and driving a bus all day takes a little motivation out of you.

weather: 20 F and little snow on the way home
roads: excellent winter riding conditions

17 January 2010

monday night cyclocross

someday, there will be a monday night cx race, and you'll be sad you didn't show up. i'm just warning you....

13 January 2010

where do we go from here

on the new moon i like to crystallize my meditations.
here's the plan, endurance bicycle racing.

not anything epic or out-of-reach, just riding my bike for hours at a time, like 8 or ten...or 24.
first i need to get out for the slick 50(in march) and almonzo 100 in may. let's keep the enthusiasm in check. I may be riding a panasonic dx-5000, i'll keep you posted.

now to make that happen i will need to be a good commuter. yes,that means that i must get up early and ride when i'm exhausted. is there any goal worth reaching that is easy?

05 January 2010

big yellow moon...

cold, i guess...at least that's what my toes told me 10 minutes after i got home and the numbness was replaced by a tingling.funny , but my right pinky finger is usually the one that acts up, it was frostbit once or twice before and let's me know how cold it is on a regular basis. bridgestone ride tonight, slow and steady wins the race, what race? i was more aware of the slippery conditions on the downhills when i surrendered control for speed, always a tough compromise.

no-one else showed and owing to my own lack of regularity i'm not surprised.

weather: 1 F, clear
road conditions: icey, but not impassable. main roads excellent

03 January 2010

36 hours out

at 9 pm tomorrow the forecast calls for a temperature of -3 F. i am not afraid of the cold, after being cooped for two days inside with the family the fresh air will be welcome. i still think the bridgestone is the best for the job, could use some new tires....oh yea, school day on monday.