01 July 2011

i am gonna be killin' it for cyclocross season

what's 45 minutes of 110% effort compared to breaking your jaw and biking home, and then having surgery.

it's all about perspective, i've been to the pain cave.... ain't no big thing!

27 June 2011

jaw wired shut, titanium in body

luck still not running out, same area as a injured in 1985, different surface/abrasion. is it rad or just plain stupid! i have never seen as much liquid percacet as i have now in my possesion. (0) (0)

14 June 2011

weekend riding and family

ella has a new bicycle, turns 4 tomorrow and she's up and at 'em. jakob is happy to be riding tandem with dad on the trail-a-bike, it's good to be 7. we loaded up both and my wife and i met our friends at lake harriet for a picnic. my buddy had a large trailer and brought a grill, cooler, tons of food.
i might race or i might take some long road rides. MTB racing seems most attractive at the moment. we'll see how i feel after taking a few hot laps at theo wirth trails. it's gonna be a great summer.