27 February 2009

find it and buy it

Kenda Kozmik Lite II
  • L3R Pro rubber compound
  • Tread design offers greater traction and control due to its wider casing size
  • Lightweight
NEW! 212129 L3R PRO F/R 26x1.75 Folding 120 40-80 375±20g $39.99

26 February 2009

upcoming expenditures

just a quick run-down of potential yet necessary cash outlay in the next coupla months...

headsets: 2-3
bottom brackets: probably 3
one bmx freewheel
1 handbuilt wheel on a 7 speed hub(purchased)
tires: 1 set mtb/26", 1 set 700c
fancy shorts and a skinsuit

cables/casing/brake pads
tubes and pump/pressurized CO2

.......my birthday is may 7th

a partial accounting of expenses...

Anybody that know's me will tell you that i'm cheap, fortunately i'm not stupid and know when to replace bicycle parts that are vital. here's the run-down for the last 6 months... three mistresses can get expensive or not
  • tubes: 4-5
  • tires: o
  • wheels 0
  • brake or derailleur cable/casing: 3-4 sets(cx, XO-2)
  • chains: 2 or 3( new builds, restorations)
  • saddles: 3
  • pedals: 3 sets(only one good pair in the bunch, but i haven't paid retail in a while) i'll be picking up another pair next week maybe
  • brake pads: 3 pair, Koolstop (like the menthol smokes)
  • handlebar tape: 3-4 boxes i'm a scraper/basher
  • headset: 1

news of the coming shitstorm...

the more bikes i have rolling the more it seems i get stuck in the money pit. swapped pedals to the le tour and left the base at ten pm, olbermann was on fire on MSNBC, i couldn't leave when that was going on. i noticed 10 blocks into the ride that i was in for it when the freewheel began acting up, time for an ACS not a dicta. so i soft pedaled to the closest well lit petrol stop for a little investigation, closed ! ...then on to another station up 54th to lyndale. nothing that i could see, except the coffee shop across the street turning out the lights, those fuckers used to be open until 11pm too.

so it goes, i still was out for an hour, got in loop around the lake and didn't loose the forward propulsion mechanism. i should have rode the jamis but i didn't, as soon as the plows hit the sidestreets tomorrow or friday i'll be back in action on the chosen steed....the one that ain't bleeding me for another $20.

weather: 23 degrees and clear
roads: some clear, frozen in spots, black ice abounds

25 February 2009

maiden voyage

first ride on the bridgestone tonight. out a 9:45 pm back with-in an hour. Due to a few technical issues with the build and a nagging...ahem... cough, i hadn't made it out before tonight.

first impression, i need a couple more inches of seatpost, at minimum insertion now and it's not feeling right. of course there's the fat tire issue, this is definitely an off-road bicycle. got into the snow a little bit but i'll wait until i can ride in daylight or at least scout my route before i fly headlong into the woods. definitely enough low end with the gearing, felt nice to downshift cause i had the option. liked the pedals too much to leave them on this bike, i'll think i'll put them on a bike that i will ride more often.

weather:35 degrees F, cloudy
roads: greasy, and despite the warm temps seemed like ice was freezing not thawing.

22 February 2009

well, it's been announced..

march 21st, 2009,
the Slick 50 bicycle tour
the cultural icon is taking ya'll on a trip....a booze cruise on bicycles....sure to be the highlight of the spring season

21 February 2009

brigdestone XO-2

20 February 2009

..the long whiner of our discontent

not here MF. gonna get up them trails in wirth park this weekend, cross country ski season is done, it's bike-able until we get warmer and muddy, at least i think it will be. i'm bored, that's why i stopped posting my daily ride, rest assured i am ready and able to kick some ass.

switch out the track bars and add a rear brake to the schwinn, try to look into a new rack for the jamis, something with a litle more stradle cable clearance. so i'll be riding 3 bikes this season...and bring the meister up to 'code' for cyclocross next fall or should ride a....

18 February 2009

59 days until ragnarok...

long have the sagas foretold of this twilight of the gods. the rooster will crow, the great serpent shall be be unleashed and the ship shall bust it's moorings.....after the battle asgar shall rise again from it's destruction

back to my reality:
  • i have mainly engaged in the 'mental preparation'
  • i have an adequate but not ideal bicycle for the trek
  • i have been kicked off the team...as if...

11 February 2009

still warm

out at 10:15 back by 11:25, next week attempt to break a personal hour record. schwinn, journey - 2 fer...with a little wind. feel like i'm coming down with a head cold. XO-2 still needs a chain and bar tape, maybe the jamis tomorrow night.

weather: 36 degrees F, overcast but no rain
roads: excellent but sandy

10 February 2009

this one we bank...

there will be colder days and longer rides but tonight was kinda special. didn't get out until 10:10 pm, back at 11:45 wet and warm. took in all three lakes and part of the greenway, i was thinking about cedar lake, but i remember a low spot in the trail at about 22nd that i didn't feel like fjording.
still plenty wet but the chain needs a little grit and polish once in a while. of course on the single speed american bike with the french name, and it was a clif bar ride. best moment: wind assisted speed coming into a turn on the path at isles, outside leg up, inside crank at 12 o'clock and hope ya don't slide out. tonight's ride will keep me sated as i endure a few more snow storms and icy conditions until april.

weather: 44 degrees F, intermittent light rain
roads: wet and still a few spots with ice and snow stayed to main drag instead of rutted side streets

08 February 2009

offroad biking with fat tires

i have determined that a mountain bike would be a nice addition to my rolling stock. parts have been lined up to reacquaint my bridgestone with the snow/ice and gravel of late winter. looks like a pretty nice build, modified mustache bars, thumb shifters and road levers up front. still not happy with my tires, but we'll keep an eye out for something nice. last pieces are a chain and brake cable and casing.

on another note, i am so happy with the feel of the letour that i purchased a freewheel and will be building a rear wheel soon. couple of months more on the budget before i get that done, until then i'll stick with a single speed on that frame.

the spring campaign

tonight's ride was refreshing, i was expecting poor conditions and they did not materialize. out at 9:30 pm back by 11. at every corner i expected to slide out and i dd not, i was watching for long unridable sections of ice and oatmeal slush and there was none. 2 lakes and no incidents, felt strong on 48X16 and i probably was going fast enough. nothing more to report.

weather: 25 degrees F, clear, bright moon
roads: a little sketchy in places but nothing spectacular,

05 February 2009

tonight i'm hers completely

...'one for the boys' will be thursday, friday, saturday....and forever. see ya at the bike swap

04 February 2009

03 February 2009

where this man may go...

not riding tonight, 20 below wind chill put a damper on that noise, the ice that was created after the thaw this weekend seals the deal. but i must look forward, it's cold but i'm stoked for a DFL real soon.

  • stupor bowl, a DNS due to family responsibilities, beyond my control
  • Ragnarok 105, a challenge which will be met
  • almonzo 100, ditto
  • optional mtb race june 7th big ring classic, in my home town
  • july, august are too damn hot to race
  • september, singlespeed cyclocross, too early to fill in the details
group rides will keep me honest, gotta stretch out my distance from 1 hour to 2 hours at least, and throw in one or two 50 - 75 mile rides. when i can do this is the hardest part....
i have learned something from the cx worlds this weekend, set aside petty differences and just ride, the belgians placed 6 racers in the top ten at Hoogerheide. cyclocomputer purchase immenent, cadence is the thing to watch.

race what ya got. if it wears out replace it.... don't expect any major purchases this year. i have parts and ingenuity to keep 4 bicycles in the rotation, gravel road touring rig, sport touring rig, mtb and cyclocross bikes.