31 January 2009

is this something or nothing...

went out for a ride and came back with a beer, a t-shirt and a spoke card.
at home changing i had a chance to watch letterman and saw an old segment called 'is this something or is this nothing?'
made me think of my situation currently, i'm pre-registered for 3 events: stupor bowl(1/31), ragnarok 105 april 18th and almonzo 100 in may. is this something or is this nothing?

29 January 2009

one thing you can count on.....

is an hour ride in beautiful conditions. out by 9:45pm back at 11pm. sweet water at the lake harriet spring, paths were delightful with 1/2 inch of new snow, silence is golden. i think the mercury actually rose as i was riding. the steed was reliable and the gearing spot on at 48x16.....gonna be a nice weekend.

weather: 16 degrees, light snow, overcast
roads: excellent winter riding conditions

28 January 2009

oh yeah, it's wednesday .......i thought it was two days until friday

would it be that hard to ride a road bike tonight..... i'm just saying.

26 January 2009

pub crawl with HC family

..nothing special but breaking a sweat at 7 degrees F is kinda interesting. 15 miles according to google maps, between stops i most likely was in the saddle for maybe an hour and one half. not exactly blazing speed, visited an old employer and saw a few people..... i need to hit the anti-inflammatory and water up before the cramps set in.

24 January 2009

saturday night january 24, 2009 10pm


What: 2nd annual group ride in memory of Rachel Dow. It's been more
than a year now since the passing of Rachel, let's get together and
raise a glass and ride our bikes to her memory.

Where: Meet in the back room at Chiang Mai Thai in Uptown MPLS, bike
to the bench, have a vigil, and bike to the hexagon afterward. Pi's
closed, unfortunately.

When: 10pm this Saturday the 24th.

You didn't know Rachel? That's okay, you're still invited to be with
friends and ride your bike.

Here are a few photos from last year's ride:

Bring a friend, ride your bike, bring a few beverages, have fun,
smile, celebrate life and the memories it brings.

See you Saturday night.


22 January 2009

back in the saddle

out at 9:45 pm....ran into the hardy boys taking pictures of a dead squirrel, a nice thing since today is squirrel appreciation day. first trip on the new build, alright 'cept for my choice in pedals, swap those out tomorrow. nothing special about the handling, 48x16 is manageable but less than ideal at this level, we'll grow into it. skinny(26mm) road tires are alright and 6 atm is a good pressure

weather: clear, 16 degrees at arrival home
roads: good winter riding condition, stuck to well traveled steets, paths are a little bumpy, snow build-up on back streets.

21 January 2009

wednesday means wednesday night ride

that's all...

oh, and this from NOAA
A couple more mild days will be experienced across the area today and tomorrow. Highs both days will be near 30, with southwest Minnesota getting to or slightly above freezing. However, this will all change Friday morning as a strong cold front ushers in another round of bitterly cold arctic air just in time for the weekend.

20 January 2009

wild at heart-opening scene

14 January 2009

waiting for the challenge....

the spring campaign begins....

on the next new moon.
and what would the emphasis be in the year of the ox?

solidarity with my brethren in Oakland, BART police must be controlled. good luck today

who had this idea first...

and the MF stole the name of a cultural icon in the interview...

warm weather cross is for pussies.

12 January 2009

coaching corner

nothing motivates as well as fear of public embarrassment
***There will be a professional documentry made this year during and after the race. The filmmakers are looking for people who will be riding with helmet cams. This will hopefully and should be in this year's Bicycle Film Fest! If you or anyone you know will be filming of any kind, please contact us if we could use your footage. Thanks!***

bloodline wears red

11 January 2009

stupor bike

09 January 2009

state of my training...


07 January 2009

we'll see

looks like it's gonna be a tense january. broke and bicycles in need of TLC. can't get in the workroom cause of other responsibilities.
i'll trundle out the door for a wednesday night/no show ride... maybe i'll do a little recon at a bike shop or two tomorrow. new chain and a headlight.

02 January 2009

2 nd trip to the bike shop for the wife

it's a tough sell but, i told her i'll assemble it if it's still in the box.

false alarm: no bike yet, damn
she did buy a digital camera yesterday tho'