28 December 2009

tonight's the night

haven't been much for riding this week. snowstorm and the holiday and just general exhaustion from 8-10 hour days. we'll give it a shot tonight, the bridgestone on snow and ice. i'll keep the tire pressure reasonable for comfort and tread contact/adhesion.
let's think about setting up a set of studded(w/sheet metal screws) tires. if it ain't old school it ain't happening

22 December 2009

attendance: 2

great night for a ride, not much distance(45 minutes). trails/bridges in 52nd street almost unridable, at least in the dark, following a good line is tough when you can't see it

weather: 24 F, partly cloudy
roads: some accumulated snow from last week, other wise varied from excellent to fair

20 December 2009

here it comes....

monday night cyclocross
sign up here

19 December 2009

36 hrs and counting

weather outside is delightful....i'm working too much to get out for rides at 9 or ten pm. time to take commuting seriously lest i come upon the slick 50 unprepared and get dropped again. why does riding with hurl seem like a high-school popularity contest?, i guess get a fancy outfit.

17 December 2009

i'm nobody's role model

Bicycle Master Plan

Richfield Transportation Commission Accepting Applications for the Richfield Bicycle Master Plan Task Force

Bicycle Master Plan Task Force Application

The Transportation Commission is inviting interested Richfield residents to apply for the Richfield Bicycle Master Plan Task Force. At the December 2, 2009 Transportation Commission Meeting, the Commission voted to create the Task Force with the intent of producing a Bike Master Plan for the City. The purpose of this Master Plan is to increase safety and opportunities for physical activity among residents as well as to provide options for alternative transportation methods through short and long term improvements to the bicycle network. Goals outlined in the Bike Plan portion of the City of Richfield Comprehensive Plan have largely been achieved or are scheduled to be achieved in the near future and these improvements provide an excellent foundation to build a successful and useful bicycle network that benefits all residents. If you are interested in participating in this process, please click on the link below to access the application. Applications can also be picked up at the Richfield Public Works building located at 1901 East 66th Street. Questions may be directed to Jeff Pearson, Richfield Transportation Engineer, at 612-861-9791.

building a course for the womens national cyclocross silver medalist

the headline says it all.
ya , that's right on sunday 20 december
54th and penn

16 December 2009

the only ride you need to go on this winter!

First Annual Christmas Eve Ride down the Greenway

When; December 24th 11:00 AM to 12:00 Noon

Where; Start at the Freewheel Midtown Bike Station and finish at Lake Calhoun.

What; Anyone who wants to ride, walk, jog run or just sing

Dress your bike up, we will bring a boom box and sing Christmas Carols as we ride down the Greenway to the lakes and back.

No real sponsor, ride at your own risk, dress warm and perhaps enjoy a cup of coffee. Most important make you’re self known and help us celebrate winter. Sing and be safe.

how long should i leave'em hanging?

Artisanal Imports Nice little Koningshoeven Quad review: http://bit.ly/5wGdzx

Another Quadrupel, which is probably my favorite style, lets see how this holds up since it is the first beer from this brewery that I've had. Like all brews in this style it has a rather high ABV and comes in at 10%. ...
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Andrew Rosenberg
Andrew Rosenberg
koningshoeven, that's a Belgian cyclo-cross venue isn't it?
quadrupel laps and a sand trappist
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Artisanal Imports
Artisanal Imports
Holy Beer Drinker but that's clever. Let me know if you want to recreate a Quad Laps course in the US.
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Andrew Rosenberg
Andrew Rosenberg
in mpls MN no less, details to follow
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13 December 2009

randonnneurs USA

Location Type
Date Distance (km) Route
Contact Web Site
MN: Rochester ACP brevet 2010/05/01 200 route Michael Aeling info
MN: Rochester ACP flèche 2010/05/14 360 Michael Aeling info
MN: Rochester ACP brevet 2010/06/12 300 route Michael Aeling info
MN: Rochester ACP brevet 2010/06/26 400 route Michael Aeling info
MN: Rochester ACP brevet 2010/07/24 600 route Michael Aeling info
MN: Rochester ACP brevet 2010/08/21 400 route Michael Aeling info
MN: Rochester ACP brevet 2010/09/11 600 route Michael Aeling info
MN: Rochester ACP brevet 2010/09/18 300 route Michael Aeling info
MN: Rochester ACP brevet 2010/10/02 200 route Michael Aeling info

08 December 2009

getting ready for snow commuting

ran a dry run today, loaded panniers and left one at home....not gonna be impossible. for the first week maybe we add the bus into the mix. from zero miles to 30 could be a stretch,.... but i'm not stressed out too bad.... got a new light. it's gonna great. I'll be tweaking the route for a while to develop the optimal mix of distance and traffic.

07 December 2009

training log

cool and fairly clear utterly alone , i'm fine with that. waited for 5 minutes at the corner of 54th and penn at 9:30 pm. went for a ride: no stairs, beard's plaisance run-up, cold toes, 45 minutes

weather: 18 F and clear/hazy
roads: excellent

06 December 2009

getting used to work again and promoting cx races

tonights the night, i'll be satisfied if i'm still up at 9 pm. h-wood's race yesterday a.m. drew 20-30 riders. there are people interested in this ...we'll see who shows. gotta find some course tape and glowstix.

work,.. gotta spend more time riding, crazy shit gonna make me tweak out.

02 December 2009

crazy shit, all day and all night

big traffic accident right out in front of the satellite, helicopters and the intersection was closed for 2 hours.all my fares were on time and reasonable adults. the toughest thing about this job is finding a restroom, and maintaining a steady hand and an observant mind.

at the end of the day a bus driver, had a flashback and imagined himself in one of america's wars. it was kinda strange, he was writing something furiously and then went into an outburst followed by a crying jag. we figured out what his name was( by the ID we all carry ), and called 911. the ambulance had pulled when i was leaving.

i'm going to begin biking home from work today