30 March 2010

here we go, bitches...

so it has come down to this. i did a recon ride in my home town last weekend. i realized that i am a cheap date. after 3 pints in an hour and a half, i was loopy.

so, i am riding. took my bike to wisconsin, didn't ride as much as i wanted to, but then i never do. 30 days without a break should be easy.

15 March 2010

witches hat

photo courtesy of jim thill

can't say i made it to the highest point in mpls today, but i did go on a bicycle journey. mechanical issues prevented me from fully enjoying the ride. the meister has been in more mechanics stands today than is has seen in the last year. i'm not going to bore you with the details, suffice to say it sucks to be my mechanical support team.

  • fitness; nominal.
  • saddle time; maybe 2 hours,
  • ride time from door to door; 9:45 to 14:00, 4.25 hrs
  • weather: glorious, 55-60 F, pt sunny to clear
  • road conditions: lame, moist in places, loose sand/gravel everywhere else

12 March 2010

hasn't hit me yet

fixed gear or single speed? 42 x 16 should be nice. either way there will be losers. single speed or fully loaded touring , there will be hills. i guess i could just get on with it