29 August 2008

what i learned in chicago... part 1

i learned that it's OK to have a hot dog once in a while. The billygoat tavern is a real place not just a skit on SNL. the moral of the story, eating crap is better than not eating at all.

that guy shaking that cup on the corner isn't gonna die of improper nutrition cause he's living on vienna sausages out of a can... he could go on for years like that. he's gonna feel like shit and not be able to poop, but he's living that anyway.

on that note i'm still committed to eating local, organic and sustainably. i'm going to the farmers market saturday morning. i'm not getting donuts or maybe i am...... who knows, no, not the donuts...except if the 4 year od wants one. maybe some garlic, potatoes for salad, corn if it looks okay, but the season for sweet corn could be over already, definately tomatoes. you see i like food and what's 'good for you' shouldn't be the deciding factor.

28 August 2008

back to the paper bag...

closing the 'bar car' on chicago metra commuter rail, story here. these are the trains that head out to the suburbs, i need a drink every time i go out to the chicago suburbs.

27 August 2008

the vikings

watching a movie until jake wakes....it'll do.

'the vikings' two brothers clash over a welsh princess and the throne of england unaware that they are half brothers. kirk douglas, tony curtis (1958)

26 August 2008

free the rosenbergs

oh can't do that, they're dead. want to know more, here's a little bit.

i really love IKEA

i don't know where i'd be without all that stuff, the meatballs are just the tip of the iceberg(the one that sank the titanic)

first the grain and then the whole ear..... ya start small and learn to love the organization, the swedish labels, i could go on and on and on ....ask me about my home furnishings.

oh my god, i can't get enough

not just bikes and trains that have accidents....

this really wasn't me.

25 August 2008

christmas in minnesota

you cook 750 lbs and what do ya get
another day older and smellier

why not