19 March 2011

from the hip

enough of the fore play let's just spit on it and shove it in. hipsters have seized on the concept of bicycle touring. One local bikeshop was lousy with the kids looking for a consultation. and this is a bikeshop that's only open on a saturday from 12-4. i mean really it was like waiting for the record shop to open so you could get in line to talk about that album from somebody you've probably never heard of. and there you have it, i don't need anything special just want to get my crap , talk a little bit and get out and back on my bicycle ASAP. buy the print above at HC

you knew it was coming to this, the signs where all there, rivendell waiting till they became fashionable again, brooks leather saddle more popular than ever, and the immortals a Rapha UK staging a road bike clothing revolution. i'm not gonna talk anymore the bike and coffee-shop combo either, i kinda like that. gravel road racing is good and i respect the ethics of the trend. but in the end its people thinking they are better than you cause the have more time to pay attention and actually follow through on things that are kinda cool but ultimately not all that big a deal. i've always said that being a hipster is a full-time job and i have children to raise and food to put on the table.
Now where i am find that 300 bucks i need to finish the touring bike i've been putting together for the last 2 years? you see i actually know a little bit about bicycle touring like an old man should. the trick is to do it on the cheap and expect the unexpected , bring a chain tool but don't bring an extra chain. you see, being a hipster is cool but don't get all excited about it, and spend too much money. on a lighter note, i think i found a cage for the pickled herring i plan on taking on my next spring road ride/tour, is that for a quart or a pint.

13 March 2011

spring fever

alright, so i didn't commit myself to anything this year. i had signed up for almonzo three years running and canceled in april every year, not gonna even hope for it and maybe then it'll happen.

[insert photo]

well.... there is that visit to crc before the doors close. ya, uptown is so over, except of course for this guy, but he's Pittsburgh. we'll see if i ever feel like blogging again, i could tweet my life away. if you can't say it in a haiku, then yinz aint no friend of mine. enough name dropping for now, see you in the funny papers